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Always a traveller but occasionally settled for a few years or more. I've lived in Sydney, Adelaide the longest with stints in Darwin and Perth too, as far as Australia is concerned. In terms of more than six months then I can add Rio, Cairo, London and now Madrid, for the past five years. Regular visits to rellies near Venice and jaunts to various parts of Europe keep me fresh and my larder well stocked.


Sunday, 16 May 2010

Seville & Cordoba

I have fond memories of  both Seville and Cordoba. I was in Love and went there with a beautiful lady. I had been to Seville before and wasted to show off the city. The weather was very warm to hot but it cooled down a bit at night. The hotel was great and it had very effective air conditioning the company was fantastic, the food was good and the colours spectacular. The orange blossoms had gone but there was still the perfume of the fruit in the air so the whole "package" was quite wonderful.

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