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Always a traveller but occasionally settled for a few years or more. I've lived in Sydney, Adelaide the longest with stints in Darwin and Perth too, as far as Australia is concerned. In terms of more than six months then I can add Rio, Cairo, London and now Madrid, for the past five years. Regular visits to rellies near Venice and jaunts to various parts of Europe keep me fresh and my larder well stocked.


Thursday, 13 May 2010


I started life very young and have travelled since the beginning.
We were expatriates when I was born and I am an expatriate now, living in Madrid.

But then, what does the word "expatriate" mean if you don't really have a Patria or "Fatherland" from the translation. Yes, I am Australian and I feel Australian, some of the time. But I don't have the Ocker accent everyone expects. Comes from having emigrated there (not just me, the whole family) when I was about eleven years old, I guess.

I also have an Italian passport because that was my parent's nationality and you always keep your father's nationality regardless of where your parents happen to be when you pop out. In the US and other countries it's a different story. Deep down I feel Italian, sometimes, and those roots really come to the fore often enough. But I don't have a strong Italian accent either. I also am not very fluent in any dialect (very important in Italy) though I am pretty good at understanding Venetian.

So there you have it: sometimes dazed, often confused but still managing to get through life with a smile (or a sneer) on my face.

What's your story?

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